Getting on the wagon again…. New Years resolutions in February?

Okay,  putting it off for quite a while. I don’t know if it is just me, or human nature. I have stressed myself out quite a bit in 2015. Last struggle to keep my playgroup business afloat. But, with the bad economy and high rent. I had to wind up my business despite the fact that I loved what I did, and parents and children from loved my cirriculum and teaching methods. And there is nothing I love more in the world, than children. And every little step they move forward makes me feel proud of them. 

Closing the business had changed me. I had put on 6kg and my psoriasis had gotten worse and worst of all I have got a bad case of reoccurring chronic stye, chalazia. And my mild, early onset MS is getting a little worse, with more frequent attacks. 

Being a modern Chinese, we get to celebrate two New Years each year. The universal 1st day of the year and Chinese New Year, following The Chinese lunar calendar. As my first sets of new years resolution didn’t work out, I am giving myself a break by setting a second set.

First thing is regaining my health. So 2 things must happen, 1.) eat better, not drastic decrease in good diets, because we know it doesn’t work. Nor, crazy fad diets that does more damage than good.

2.) exercise : walking not less the. 10,000 5-6 days a week , and hitting the gym 3 days a week to do 25-30 minutes of weights or cardio. Or “Whatever” I can or want to do, just make myself move.

So here is a queen’s breakfast that I like. It’s antioxidants filled mixed with not so good ( may kill you instantly high sodium ). 

My naught and nice weekend breakfast is served.

Beetroot salad with Greek yogurt and honey. Topped with an egg.

Pork bone soup ramen with 2 chicken franks. Best cheap super yummy food Hong Kong has to offer. (That is totally off charts with high sodium) but the rest of the week, I avoid anything cooked with salt. So I figure, I can afford a little  OD on the weekends.

As for the rest of the resolutions. I would like to blog and vlog more about my hobbies and lifestyle. And one more big little project. That I have put off for years. I want to upload a documentary film I had made years ago about abandoned animals (pets).

I would like to hear about your New Years resolutions. And how they are going.

Wishing you all a happy 元宵 mid New Years Month Festival.

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