Budget Meals: day 3- chicken linguine & (free) rotisserie chicken ?

Dear friends,

Day 3 here, on Wednesdays I do grocery shopping and I get really excited, because we get fresh food, and sometimes I cheat. I don’t need to cook from scratch, as I do buy ready cooked meals. I am not sponsored by Longo’s, that is our local Canadian grocery store. I had been shopping with them whenever I am in town for passed two decades, I am their Grocery Gateway fan, when I am working.

In my part of town, we get exclusive offers as shown below.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.09.38 PM

So everything is ready prep for me tonight, all I did was followed their easy instructions. And my stove top has an ultra-high heat function, so the 9 minutes required is actually cut by 40%.  I can heat everything in 5 minutes. We actually cannot eat an entire Rotisserie Chicken. so I will be using it for tomorrow night’s meal. So the entire meal only cost me $8.95+ tax. Talk about a good deal. I think we have one here. Thanks Longo’s.

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