Budget meals-day 2 : ramen duck cheese burgers

Hi friends,
Inspired by Japanese fusion ramen burger, here is my duck meat burger version.
The duck meat burger patties are available in J-town, Markham, Ontario. The owner makes specialty burgers and wagu beef. She is amazing. I call her before I go to her shop, to make sure they have my son's favorite duck burgers patties. They are about $8 for two pieces. I cut them into 4 pieces, to serve 4.

4 eggs
2 packs of ramen

2 duck burger patties

Leafy vegetables for sides

Cook ramen with half of the spices, drain when cooked. Place into 8 separate a teacups or bowls. Crack and beat put 1/2 egg into each container with ramen, to form ramen buns. Let sit, while prepping duck patties, cut into 4 patties.

Cook garnishes and leave to keep warm in pots.

High heat. Put each patty into pan separately. Cook and turn to the other side when ramen bun turns golden brown. Add patties to cook when all buns are done.

Sandwich the ramen buns and patties. My son adds a slice of cheddar to "make it a real burger " he saids.

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