Crafts day, turning what I don’t wear anymore into something I adore

I have started my Konmari method of purging, and I found a bunch of necklaces in my wardrobe, that seemed a little childish or a little out of style. They used to bring me joy and some of them, still looks so cute, so instead of chucking them out or donating all of them. I have decided to give them a new life. Since I was checking out some of the custom charms for my Jujube bags, I might us we’ll make my own!

I combined two necklaces, one was the pink bunny with lace, and second one macaroon with lace trimming.

The second one is a pastel Hot-air balloon charm necklace, a fossilised like antique key amulet and tri-color pearls/ blue teardrop crystal.

Now these charms bring me joy and I don’t have to get rid of them. It makes me simply happy! If I find more I can start making them for friends or give-aways! Yippie!

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