Yes! This is my first blog since I have moved, the last time I wrote was in February 4 months before the big move. I have moved from one end of the world to its total opposite. From Hong Kong to Toronto, actually to Hamilton, Ontario to be specific. Population of 7.188million (6,510.869ppl/ Km sq) in Hong Kong to Hamilton of total population 721,053, that is 0.721 million (633.61ppl/km sq). That is a scale of ten to one!

Lots of friends and family thought it have gone crazy when I announced my idea of moving. It came as quite a shock to many. And many asked why the sudden earthquake like move. Is it the politics in Hong Kong? Sure, the Legislative Council is a joke to many, and the “Occupy Central”movement, civil disobedience did contribute to one of the reasons of leaving Hong Kong. But actually, I have spoken to my aunt about it when my first son was born, which was 6 years ago, seriously, you can do a lot in 6 years, somethings went off course, but if you think hard enough, we really set out to do things we have always wanted to do, it is usually just a matter of when we do it.

I knew I was going to do it, but I didn’t know when I was going to implement that “little seed”of idea in my head. But when I told my aunt, I don’t remember most of the time, but she remembered clearly that I told her, I was going to move back to North America, when my son reaches the age of entering elementary school.

In the next entry, I will share with you what I encounter before I left, what decisions I made, what I had to do once I got here and what kind of life I am living here!

Cheers, until then!


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