what’s in my bag, now and then?

I was saving my files from my computer to my hard disk and noticed a photo I have taken a few years back, actually in 2008. It was a photo of what was in my bag. It felt like a time capsule, and I open the file and took a further look. And wow, it dawned on me, how different the contents of my bag is now versus then. Some had to do with technological advances, like I went keyless, for both my home and my car. So gone are my bulky keys and chains.



What was in my bag in 2008?


1. Keys , chains and stapler

2. kate spade coin bag

3. mcdull cosmetics bag

4. receipts & movie ticket

5. apartment entry card

6.  iphone plug-in recorder

7.  usb 2G (this was huge back then)

8. my magnifying glass, i work with lots of elderly, they can’t read stuff on my drawings( blue-prints)

9.-10. my shea butter balm and eyedrops (i wore contacts back then, but I got lasik the same year, now i am glasses and contacts free

11. my anya hindmarch  mini bag ( for my lunch rounds, instead of taking my entire bag with me.

12. iphone (1st or 2nd generation?)

13. my monblanc ball-pen

14. my smythson business card holder

15. my business card holder

16.my smythson matching wallet (14.)

17. my jurlique rose hand cream

18. my bobbi brown cosmetics bag with two samples on the side

19. my favourite comb, from my favourite penny wallet by kate spade, the buckle broke, so i had to replaced it

20. yummy chinese dried prune ( super salty and sweet)

21. diet pills

22. ray ban sunglasses (blu-grey aviators) still my all-time favourite

23. sunglasses care kit with spray cleaner and clothe and small screwdriver by sunglass hut

24. my silicone coffee cup holder

25. flax fiber/ wool scarf



(Mom Days)
1. Pill box for antihistamines
2. eight hour cream by elizabeth arden
3. tempo petit facial tissue
4. bath & bodyworks sanitiser
5. tidytunes headset holder
6. anchipelago bontanics -a daily ritual handcream in morning mint
7. card holder- holds loyalty cards for places i shop at
8. mini accordian folder, holder all my papers, i.e. receipts , coupons, invoices, etc.
9. anya hindmarch -beauty washbag- it’s actually my tech bag, with charger cable and my portable charger and now 64G USB in side
10.vaseline limited edition- Queen Bee- honeylicious lip therapy
– I swear this is the best thing ever!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! the smell, the texture
11. belroy wallet- it is the most compact thing ever, i sometimes just go out with this, especially disneyland, so i don’t have to bag check
12. horsehair wallet, I had this for years, it is a handmade wallet, which i bought at a little store in shanghai, and use it on and off , every now and then.
13. iphone 6plus in metallic grey
14. stella mccartney x addidas lightweight windbreaker.

I do confess that I have gained more than a significant amount of weight, but still healthy according to my CBC in my annual check-up. So I am no longer on any diet pills. But, I am determined to start running again, so that I can loose a little bit of that baby weight.

I have also kicked my Starbucks Skim Latte habit, as I have succumb to George Clooney, yes, I have got not one but two Nespresso Pixie Magimics.

One more confession to make, even though I have reduced a huge amount of “stuff” from my handbag. I so still lug around a work bag/ trolley, depending on where and what I am working on that day.  But I am committed to carry less stuff around each day. As I am also trying to come clean with my advil addiction, for back, arm and legs pain from carrying too much” stuff”.

I love to see what you have in your bag, so please comment, or share your link with me.

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