“The Book”

I love reading with my son, Zackary. We had been doing so since he turned 1 month old. And at almost 5 now, Zacky is quite an avid reader, and nowadays he often tells me when I read to him that he can read on his own. So this month’s bedtime reading, we shall both read “The Book”.

I got this Good News Bible about 8 years ago. And I have been loving it since day one. The cherry blossoms and the beautiful rosey pink hard cover, makes you not want to put it down.

My son’s  “my very first Bible” is the most adorable. We love the illustrations.  Concise, as it is, it covers both Old and New Testament.

This month’s book to read

And Zackary loves the Christmas story. He always recites this verse from this “app” about the story of Christmas, “long ago an Angel told Mary she would have a baby named Jesus”- tecarter/ ideal books , “the Story of Christmas” by Patricia Pingry.

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