More gangnam style?

do you still remember the super annoying but world famous “gangnam style”? I seriously couldn’t stand that song, especially when they chose that song for my son’s school spring performance 2 years ago! And kids were screaming , “sexy lady”!

Maybe it’s just me, but I really do not understand what’s with the Korean drama craze in Hong Kong and now even in other parts of the world.

I do love Korean barbecue and I do hang out at Korean Town’s restaurants. My favourite is still Hunsang Co. a family restaurant, of which I have patron since my collegiate days.

But the rest of Korean culture never really hit me, until now. I am totally obsessed with these pastel double back earrings made in Korea. I have got eight pairs, my aunt had given my mom heaps. I am still on a look out for more. I had fallen madly in love for mine in pastels, and I have this serious crush on the metallic ones featured in Vanessa hong’s blog as well. And I can’t stop dreaming about having them. My son loves inspecting them, and evening my significant other compliments them !

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