I pledge to green Monday 

Instead of taking the car, I am walk home to have lunch today.  After my birthday, yes, I turned 40 last week, I have promised myself to make a few changes.

So first thing was detoxing any living a healthier life style, I have not become a complete vegetarian or vegan. But I am going to take up Green Monday.


“Green Monday is a social enterprise group that promotes & enables green, healthy and sustainable living globally. ”


yummy, ramen noodles with vegetarian and bamboo shoot tips with chilli.

Second change for me is loosing baby weight, I gained 40 during and after pregnancy. And so want to get back to my pre-mommy weight. So I am definitely going to try.

I will be journaling my food intake and add in exercise. Let’s see how it’s going to go! Crossing my fingers! I’ve tweeted about my role model Mara Schiavocampo as shown on Weight loss success stories by everyday health, she is one hot mama!

So an update on my three challenges, I have been doing more 10,000 steps days a week, so far only 3 times a week, but I am determined to up get it up to five times a week by the end of April.

As for my money challenge, I have fallen off the wagon at day 25… 👿😅😱

And for un-stuffing, I have to get more structured, I have been trashing things randomly, and not really seeing any results, especially with my recent hauls on my stationary… Eek…

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